Focus on Actuation

Focus on Actuation

Focus on Actuation

From October this year Valves Online will be moving into our new purpose built industrial unit in Yelverton (just outside of Plymouth), known as 'The Innovation Centre'.

As well as holding a large stock of manual valves the site will be equipped with a specialised state of the art valve/actuator build and test department, supplying the best in pneumatic and electric actuated ball, butterfly, knife gate and many more valves used in numerous industries throughout the South West.

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Used for the automation of industrial valves, actuators can be found in all kinds of process plants such as wastewater treatment plants, power plants, refineries, mining and nuclear processes, food factories, and pipelines. Valve actuators play a major part in automating process control. Automated valves vary both in design and dimension and Valves Online cater for all applications.

Actuated valves

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A valve actuator is the mechanism for opening and closing a valve. Manually operated valves require someone in attendance to adjust them using a direct or geared mechanism attached to the valve stem. Power-operated actuators allow a valve to be adjusted remotely or allow rapid operation of large valves.

Electric Actuated Valves

Electric actuators are generally designed to operate ball valves and butterfly valves at controlled rates of opening. The electric actuator uses an electric motor to provide torque to operate a valve. They are quiet, non-toxic and energy efficient, can also operate on batteries.

Pneumatic Actuated Valves

Air (or other gas) pressure is the power source for pneumatic valve actuators. They are used on linear or quarter-turn valves. Air pressure acts on a piston or bellows diaphragm creating a linear force on a valve stem. Alternatively, a quarter-turn vane-type actuator produces torque to provide rotary motion to operate a quarter-turn valve. A pneumatic actuator may be arranged to be spring-closed or spring-opened, with air pressure overcoming the spring to provide movement. A "double acting" actuator use air applied to different inlets to move the valve in the opening or closing direction. A central compressed air system can provide the clean, dry, compressed air needed for pneumatic actuators.

WRAS Approved valves ATEX / PED certified actuator

WRAS Approved Valves

The best in WRAS approved ball and butterfly valves all examined, tested and found, when correctly installed, to comply with the requirements of the United Kingdom Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations and Scottish Water Bylaws.

A valid certificate and approval number can be obtained upon request.

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ATEX / PED Certified Actuator

ATEX / PED certified actuator and CE marked approved. SIL2 rated.

We offer various accessories that can be fitted onto the actuator such as I.S or EX switch boxes, solenoids, and positioners, all suitable for hazardous areas.

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Actuators and Accessories Economy Actuated Valves

Actuators and Accessories

we offer a range of pneumatic and electrically operated valve actuators that fit on ball and butterfly valves, for both quarter turn (on/off) and for modulation (valve positioning operation).

In addition, we also list devices such as switch boxes, magnetic positioning sensors, pilot solenoids and many other accessories which can enhance the automation of your process system.

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Economy Actuated Valves


Our range of economy valves, designed to save you money! visit our specialist site Valve Select, part of the Valves Online group of ‘select specialist catalogues’ bringing you low-cost manual valves, actuated valves, and accessories

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